Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ray J & 'Em

Y’all know I am a reality tv junkie, right?

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise when I say that I thought Ray J was dumb as hell for letting go of Jaguar this past Monday on his television show For The Love of Ray J.

I mean can you blame her for not wanting to kiss him? He’s at least kissing EVERYBODY. At the very least kissing. Lol

Jaguar’s at least got some morals and didn’t want to put herself out there on national tv.

To me she was keeping it all the way real.  Let’s be honest: She wasn’t in love with him. He wasn’t in love with her.

What kind of message is being sent when a girl with morals can’t get a B-list celebrity?

She should get a round of applause for not stooping to anything to win Ray J’s Hoe of the Season Award.

Jaguar was smart in that she could get a recording contract and date anyone in the industry with out a blemish on her reputation.

So who does he have left?
Nobody. Except maybe Mz. Berry. I guess she would be my next pick. I think she deserves better than Ray J but since she’s on the show, I guess she should win.

I know Ray J supposedly has this “chemistry” with Flossy but she seems to be more like his freak of the week than a potential girlfriend.

I am done complaining but since I know you care about what I think, here the folks on my bottom three:

Extra- is a no. She’s just weird to me. She’s just sliding through the cracks because other people just happen to mess up before elimination. 

Exotica- Let’s get R-E-A-L her attitude is effed up. I can hardly understand her (and I do try) but what she does say is mean and petty.

Heartbreaker- is hideous looking and she tries to be a wannabe Cocktail. I didn’t like Cocktail and I definitely don’t like Heartbreaker.

If you’re following the show let me know who you think will win…