Sunday, February 1, 2009

Courtesy of VH1’s Tool Academy

I, Rabiah, am addicted to VH1 Reality Shows.

It all started with I Love New York when Chance and Tango were battling it out for the love of Miss Tiffany. Today, that love has since expanded as far as Rock of Love.

I don’t have cable so I am regulated to watching the shows online and at my leisure. On a lazy Sunday after noon you could find me watching a whole season or two of some show I missed while completing grad apps.

Recently, I’ve been watching VH1’s Tool Academy. Basically, it’s a show about helping jerks realize they’re jerks in order to save their relationships. I know it’s only been two shows but I think every woman in America should watch it. As much as it focuses on the men and their ability (to or lack there of) to transform, watching how the women react in each scenario is more interesting to me.

All of the problems with each relationship is open for the world to see, yet the women blinded. Some of the men are just not a good match. However, I can relate to being in love with someone and not being able have that person love me the same way. You know, loving a person for they could be rather than who they are.

But where is the breaking point?

When is the moment of clarity when a woman decides that they deserve more?

I toss and turn about telling a friend to leave a no good man, and having her fall on her face. Then again I am not God so I don’t know what’s in store.

Indulge me for half a second with your thoughts…

Thanks for reading !