Friday, January 29, 2010

Don't sleep on it, and don't eat on it. Work it out.

Today was one of those days where I wanted to curl up and die.

You know, the kind of day where when things couldn't get any worse it some how does. By about 5 p.m. I wanted the day to be over, and to just go home. Only there was one problem, it's my gym day.

Honestly, I didn't want to go. I mean when I'm stressed out I want to grab my blanket (I don't have a snuggie yet) and climb into bed.

Then I started thinking about all the work I put in this week. I counted every calorie, drunk all my water, and did my cardio workouts. I have a goal of 2.5 pounds by Tuesday and I am half way through.

I finally realize that I always use my stress as a reason to skip workouts and mess up my progress.

The truth is my problems are not going to be solved today and they definitely won't be solved under the covers or by missing my workouts.

I tried to rationalize not going to the gym by saying I am going tomorrow. However, it's going to snow, and there is no guarantee that I will go to the gym tomorrow. I always have said "I will go tomorrow," and the truth is tomorrow never comes. I'll never see tomorrow, as long as I am awake, the day is still today.

So I went to the gym, and as I started losing my breath on the elliptical trainer, and concentrating on how excellent my workout playlist has become all my problems mentally went away.

By the time I ended my workout my problems didn't matter as much. Though I came home to even more problems, my workout has helped me remain calm and relaxed.

I can't live my life anymore on excuses. Workout the stress, don't sleep on it, and don't eat on it. 

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