Friday, February 5, 2010

Victory is Mine: Running On My Own Two Feet and Ish.

In the modified words of Kanye, “It’s a celebration snitches!!!”

“Grab a drink; Grab a Glass…”

Low cal or skinny mini of course!

I am sure you want to hear the good news…

Yesterday I bought some running shoes for $50.

That’s it. That’s all.

That’s why we’re celebrating!
*Doing the hustle*

For the longest time, I couldn’t figure out why I was having trouble walking for long distances and/or running. I simply thought it was because I physically couldn’t run.

I am now one of millions of Americans without health coverage, thus I haven’t gone to the doctor for it. Lol

After doing my research on WebMD, I learned that my flat effin’ feet were the biggest problem.

Shin splits. Runners get them sometimes, and the running with the wrong shoes can also cause this problem.

The combination of not having arch support, and running on hard surfaces was doing a number on my joints and muscles.  

Last week, I sorta solved the problem by taking an ibuprofen to relax my muscles. It works, but I became worried that I would get injured if I didn’t fix the problem by purchasing the proper shoes.

So yesterday I went out and bought them. They aren’t the cutest things but they provide me with the support I need to run.

As soon as the snow clears, and the gym opens I am taking these blue angels on a trial run.

I’ve never been so excited about exercise in my life.

Other victories this week include:
Eating more green veggies.
Still drinking my water.
Still exercising.
Started my website (not ready for unveiling but it’s there).

What have been your victories for the week?

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