Friday, August 29, 2008

BlogSpot Here I is… LTM

Allow me to introduce myself, my nickname that I will go by here is Biah. I am originally from Los Angeles but now reside in Oakland, CA. I host a regular more personal blog on MySpace, but since decided try a new arena since one of my favorite bloggers ( decided to call this place home.

On Myspace my blog is driven by my curiosity where I blog to seek answers. Here, I will blog to inform. Here, in my second blog home --the everyday person becomes a celebrity and local venues become hot spots. My quirky observations and objective mind will take my readers around the bay seeing it as I have, with an open mind and smile.

So get a cup of coffee, take a seat and enjoy all that life, the Bay Area, and California has to offer.




    What is pink? A rose is pink

    By the fountain's brink.


    What is red? A poppy's red

    In its barley bed.


    What is blue? The sky is blue

    Where the clouds float thro'.


    What is white? A swan is white

    Sailing in the light.


    What is yellow? Pears are yellow,

    Rich and ripe and mellow.


    What is green? The grass is green,

    With small flowers between.


    What is violet? Clouds are violet

    In the summer twilight.


    What is orange? Why, an orange,

    Just an orange!

    ---------- by maple story account