Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Taste of Art and Soul

One of the best times of the year to visit Oakland is Labor Day Weekend when the City of Oakland hosts the Annual 3-Day Art & Soul Festival.


Seeing it grow over years from being a relatively small festival eight years ago to one of -if not- the largest festivals in the city today, has been remarkable.
It’s a grand sight to see the hundreds of people, artist, craftsmen, dancers, musicians, and singers gathered in heart of downtown Oakland to celebrate.

It proves that despite what the media portrays at times, the City of Oakland can provide safe, fun, clean entertainment for Oakland residents. People had a variety of food to chose from, and Obama T-Shirts were being sold in a variety of colors and styles at various booths.

Obama is so fine. lol

The eye candy was on point. I saw so many big burly men, I couldn’t stop staring . They were just delightful in all shapes, colors and sizes. People truly dressed to impress and they definitely made a great effect on me.

One of the most exciting portions of the event was seeing Stephanie Mills perform. Remember when she looked like this?

OMG, ladies and gentlemen, she still looks this good.

I bet she had most of the women in attendance renewing their New Years Resolution to get in shape. At her age, she looked better than most 20 year olds-I kid you not. She sung some of her many, many hits including I Never Knew Love Like This Before, Home and I Feel Good All Over. Old Souls and lovers were in heaven as they swayed and sung along. It was definitely a memorable moment.

Too Short and Mark Curry (both Oakland natives) were in attendance as well.

Don’t fret if you missed it, there is bound to be one next year and I do hope that you can join me there.


  1. I would not have thought Oakland got down like that. The media, our favorite bad guy, would have you think that bullet proof chic was the dress code and shell shocked was the attitude. In other words, its good to hear about the other, more positive things that happen out there on the west side. Give us more!

  2. I love Art & Soul. I didnt make it because I was tired by the time I got off work, but every year it gets better. It does scare me though because Oakland has always had these types of festivals but after a few years people start acting up and they shut it down.
    As a kid, we had Festival at the Lake, which was huge and included a parade (i was in it a few times with my drill team). Then when that got shut down, we had Karamoo (i think thats what it was called..i forgot the official name) that was held during memorial weekend at mosswood park. That used to be off the hook too...but they acted up and it got cancelled a few years ago. So now we have art & soul and its fantastic, especially with all of the musical and dance performances, but i just pray that it stays safe and people dont mess it up for the rest of us.

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