Saturday, October 18, 2008

Sang It, Sol-Angel... That's Good Music

People let’s get it together...

All of this talk about Beyonce and her two new mediocre videos, whether good or bad it is really annoying. There is nothing spectacular about either one “If I were a Boy” (a seemingly deeper version of Ciara's Like A Boy) or “Single Ladies.” They are catchy, typically Beyonce songs- nothing new. Had anyone else sung it there would not be all of this talk about it.

It’s not the mere mention of her that is putting me on fire per se, but rather the fact that her sister Solange’s album has been over looked and under rated and she produced an incredible album this year...

Sol-Angel and The Hadley St Dreams Pictures, Images and Photos

“Sol-Angel & the Hadley St. Dreams.”

...While Beyonce’s new singles are blowing up the music world.

Now I too, was reluctant to embrace anything Solange because I personally hate singing families. It’s not illegal - I know, but everybody in the family isn’t talented always. In cases when they are it’s like, so what they can all sing? Not all of them were meant to be singers. Pick a representative and do it moving.

However, because I love music I had to at least listen to what she had to sing before I started critiquing and criticizing the family decision to let her have another album. So while sitting at work, I listened to a few snippets on itunes and fell in love. Not only with the album but also with the fact that it was being sold for the bargain price of $7.99. I mean, how many times have you gotten a great album for a great price (illegal downloading excluded)?

My favorites on the album include…

Cosmic Journey

Sandcastle Disco

Would Have Been The One

Even though I can (and have) listen to the whole album over and over.

Feel Free to listen…

Solange - Sol-Angel & The Hadley St. Dreams (2008)

In my opinion, that album should have blown up by now. Get it together people and listen to some GOOD music.

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  1. I put Cosmic Journey in one of my blogs. That is my favorite song on that entire cd!!!! Of course I Decided is my banger too. I could care less for her stank attitude but musically she is a pleasure to listen to. It helps that she writes most, if not all, of her music. She's very talented but was/is overshadowed by Big Sis. LOL

  2. I decided does go. I love that one too. She can write, and I think she needs to write some of Bey's stuff too. That could be helpful.

  3. I'm agreeing with you wholeheartedly, Biah.

    I actually wrote a blog on Bey about a week or so ago as well.

    I really like her album (Solange's). My aunt and I were in the car yesterday bumpin hella hard to I Decided and my aunt can sing. (Like really really shoulda been on American Idol SANG) and she said that T.O.N.Y. was her fav song on the album. She blew that song UP in the car.

    The thing I like about Solange is...even though she is HIGHLY underrated and has worked with some effin GENIUSES (see: Pharrell in I Decided), she's still true to herself. I dont see her as one to be desperate for sales and doing anything she can to make her shyt #1 (see: Bey, smh).

    I bought Solange's album. I will never buy a Bey album. Am I wrong? Nope. I just like GOOD music.

    Out. :-)

  4. I've heard only one single from Solange's CD (I've Decided) and they have really did her some injustice. You all are right, her cd should have been blown out of high water by now. Everytime you turn on the radio you can hear Beyonce's "Single Ladies" on every fm dial. The song is ok but still.

  5. i LOVE Would've Been the One. That is definitely my top...then would have to come God-Given Name and then T.O.N.Y. Hell, the whole damn album is good :)

  6. yes I am loving this album... this and and jazmine sullivan I cant take out of the player... beyonce needs a big slap of sit ya arse down somewhere

  7. I go hard for Beyonce, but I go even harder for Solange. I'm naturally drawn to those singers who can write as well. I think she's highly talented, yet so underrated because she's living in Bey's shadow. This album gives me everything I need and more.