Monday, September 8, 2008

It's All About The Bounce

As you all know, I love going places and seeing things I have never seen before. This past Saturday Night I was in for a surprise. My beautiful brown-self partied at Club Bounce in Long Beach California.


Being a size 14 at 5’5 (shhhhh... Don't tell anyone) I am not overly huge, but I am not small. In fact, this is the largest I have been in a long time. Thus, when I discovered that I would be attending the BBW (that's big beautiful women for the acronymically challenged) Club Bounce in Long Beach this weekend, I knew I had found a home. But, ummhmm I was surprised to find that I was on the smaller side. The average size of the women in the club had to be around a 22 or 24. Women of all shapes, sizes, colors and races were present.

And talk about confident, They knew they were beautiful and carried themselves as such.

The dress code was casual but the women dressed well…

For the most part…

In fact some of the women wore flip flops or slippers giving them the flexibility to be as comfortable as needed.

The men weren’t looking at me. All eyes were on the 250 lb+ women. It was truly a celebration of their beauty. Some people would question the type of men who frequent such a club.

To be honest, the men were average dudes…

The same type of men you would find at normal club, only they prefer their women to be extra thick.

The dance floor was crowed and freak dancing was on and poppin’. I saw one man lift a woman who had to be about 300lbs and was grinding her on the dance floor.

The downsides:

1) The alcoholic beverages were watered down. They weren’t strong enough at all. I could have drunk four LA Waters from the club and still not be tipsy...

So if you go plan on drinking do so before hand.

2) The dance floor was too small and not enough room to move.

Overall I had a great time, and I would recommend it to any thick woman. If you have curves for days, and you are residing in Los Angeles County this is definitely a club for you. Be sure to check out their website ( and go to the club, I am sure you are bound to have fun.


  1. So it was a Big & Beautiful night, or the club strictly caters to thicker girls?

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  3. Um, how they gone have a dance floor that is too small and the club is for BBW's? Thats crazy.

    But i like that idea of the club. Big women need love too.

    I know this may be inappropriate, but Biah, doesn't it feel good to be a 14 and feel like the skinny chic in the building? Maybe thats just me, but I woulda felt like a queen up in there, whether the men were checking for me or not lol

  4. Yeah, It was a club strictly for big girls. lol it was fun.

    And yeah suga, I was feeling good lol.


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